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Innovus Rollers has become a key shape in the field of Mechanical design joint less Anilox Roller Manufacturers In India
Anilox roller is steel made hard cylinder roller that maintains a fixed amount of ink to the flexo printing plate. This printing method is simply called Anilox. The number, size, and geometry of anilox cells on the surface of the anilox roller can be customized and adapted to decide the exact amount of ink that the anilox roller would deliver to the plate.

After engraving the cells—most often with a steel milling machine, a diamond electromechanical engraving stylus or, more and more commonly, lasers—the surface is covered with a protective layer of chrome or ceramic to guard against wear. The structure of the cells themselves also varies. The most common configuration of the anilox roller cell is an inverted pyramid, each of which is exactly the same size

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Anilox Roller

Innovus Rollers Has Become A Key Shape In The Field Of Mechanical Design Joint Less Anilox Roller Manufacturers In IndiaAnilox Roller Is Steel Made Hard Cylinder Roller That Maintains A Fixed Amount Of Ink To The Flexo Printing Plate. This Printing Method Is Simply Called Anilox. The Number, Size, And Geometry Of Anilox Cells On The Surface Of The Anilox Roller Can Be Customized And Adapted To Decide The Exact Amount Of Ink That The Anilox Roller Would Deliver To The Plate. After Engraving The ... Read more