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Safety chuck is square bar holder and mainly used in the shafted centre to wind and unwind applications. As the driving mechanism, it does not need to be removed every time while changing the core holding shaft, as it gives maintenance free working. We are the best safety mounting chuck manufacturer since long, situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with word-class machinery and infrastructure. Each chuck is going through various processes for assuring best in class quality and low maintenance. We are always committed to providing on-time delivery and 24*7 service support to our clients.

The constant search for innovative and cutting-edge solutions has allowed us, over the years, to increasingly expand our market and satisfy the most varied needs and demands of customers from all over the world. And it is precisely from a specific need of one of our customers that the latest innovation has developed here at Innovus Roller. The safety chucks can now be equipped with mechanical and electromechanical sensors to be able to verify if the safety chuck is open or closed, thus drastically improving safety.


  • For less downtime during the turnaround,it provides a quick change at the end of a production run (either winding or unwinding), making the operation more cost-efficient.
  • It provides a passage of transmitting torque to the winding/unwinding roll.
  • Provide for concentricity between the centerline (axis) of the Safety Chuck and the roll shaft centerline.
  • Helps obtain less eccentricity between the roll shaft and the Safety Chuck, so less vibration and abrasion/wear


  • Turning ball bearings made with great precision
  • Chrome plated with a handwheel made of steel.
  • Constructed of cast iron housing & durable
  • Redundant handwheel lock mechanism
  • Shaft extensions with keyway
  • Finger guards on all models to ensure the safety of workers
  • The hardness of shaft sockets up to Rockwell 56C
  • Available in tilt plate or Slide ring handwheel models
  • Comes with either foot or flange mounting
  • “U,” “V” or “VO” types inserts & replaceable too