Polyurethane Rubber Roller

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Our PU coatings, specially designed from the most advanced polymers and the unique coverings, are incredibly suitable for the size and press rollers in different sizes. The polyurethane coating on the roller surface allows all combinations of surface designs around over 50% open area. Also, the dynamic load generation is the lowest in this roller. The entire range is available in varied material covers and can be customized according to the client’s requirement.

Our firm is proficient enough to offer Polyurethane Rubber Roller in various sizes and designs. Professionals make these products by using advanced technology and even our offered product is extremely praised owing to their lightweight, high strength and accurate dimensions. Our Polyurethane Rollers are used for different applications in Industries. The Rollers are available in different size and capacity and used widely for toughness, durability & high load-bearing capability.

Caution: Continuous work at a temperature range of 80 degrees Celsius or above should be avoided for better results.

Properties & advantages Polyurethane coverings:

  • A very high mechanical strength
  • Good wear resistance
  • High impact resistance
  • Low heat generation
  • Energy efficient
  • Higher elasticity
  • Resistance to high dynamic load
  • Hydrolytic stability
  • Higher open area availability with lower energy consumption
  • Flexible with an excellent elastic memory
  • Resistant to oil, corrosion, ozone, low temperature & radiation, also cancels noise during production.
  • Smooth finish & precision
  • Best for highly loaded dynamic positions.



Commonly used in chemical fiber, wood processing & plastic processing machinery. Exclusive use in sewage treatment machinery used for the production, conversion, and conveying of films/ foil for food processing, Packaging & Textile industry