Hard Chrome Plating Roller


As the name implies, hard chromium is just that – Hard. It makes itself suitable for a variety of industrial applications that require corrosion and wear resistance. It is also the finest plated metal deposition to utilize when specifications call for smooth and flawless characteristics on the roll face. Hard chromium plated rolls boast high strength and sturdiness and improve the metal surface quality of the rolls within no time.

We only consider in providing our prestigious clients with a superior range of hard chrome plated rollers that are known for efficient performance and corrosion resistance. Hard chrome plated rollers are manufactured using best grade raw materials which make them operate more smoothly. We have managed to maintain the position of one of the top hard chrome roller exporter with our wide range of products, available in different sizes that can be used across various industry.

The hardness on the Rockwell scale of 68 to 70 is preferred for corrosion and abrasion resistant industrial applications. Finest plated metal deposition for a flawless and smooth roll face, high strength durability & resistance to chemical solvents. Has a low friction coefficient with optical mirror finishes and extended life expectancy as well. Plated material surface, in general, include – low carbon steel, stainless steel, hardness alloy steel, and chilled iron.

Knurling Roller

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Water / Oil Circulation Roller

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Chilled Roller

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