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Embossing roller include rolls with one steel roll having embossing protuberances on its peripheral surface and another roll having a yielding layer on its peripheral surface. Both these rolls run in synchronization and form an embossing nip to achieve the desired effect of embossing on a single or multi-ply web of materials.

Our department is staffed with technicians with over a century of combined texturing experience who is dedicated to our common goal: a quality product with speedy delivery. Consistent communication between technician and consumer creates a trust unmatched by anyone in the field. Applications of embossing rolls are many but our unequalled expertise has secured our place in the embossing roll industry. Our knowledge and superior workmanship ensure us to be the primary source to the roll industry for the next upcoming years and beyond.

Properties and advantages:

  • Used for embossing the surfaces of various materials including glass embossing, paper embossing, lamination foil, and leather embossing
  • Maintains the Precision on mirror surfaces regarding flatness, balance, un-roundness, and shaft alignment
  • Comes with a surface hardness that can be customized further on the requirements of the clients
  • Made of seamless steel pipes & alloy steel with proper mechanical and heat treatments



Used for the surface embossing in the fields of leather, leatherneck, decorative materials,non-woven cloth, non-ferrous metal, plastic, sheet, paper, PVC, ABS, PP, PE, PET, PC, and a wide range of plastics and garment materials,

  • embossing rolls
  • aluminum foil embossing roller
  • glass embossing roll
  • paper embossing roller
  • The male-female embossing roll
  • leather embossing roller 3d embossing roller

The second roll has individual zones on its peripheral surface with a higher overall thickness and different material characteristics of the yielding layer compared to that of the remaining peripheral surface.

These individual zones are opposed in the embossing nip to embossing projections of the steel roll.