Bow Banana Roller


Bowed rollers (also known as banana rollers) are used in the paper, film, foil, and textile industries to uniformly spread the web material to eliminate creases or wrinkles. In slitting operations, these rollers are used to prevent interweaving of material. These rollers are used mostly in the manufacturing processes which produce a continuous web or substrate & need to be guided without wrinkles. These bow rollers can operate at any place and conditions, including in dry and wet environments, including plastic film, textiles, paper manufacturing, or the various converting industries.

Bow Banana Roller formation at any stage of manufacturing or processing is inevitable. To prevent inferior quality and/or rejection of webs, wrinkles must be removed at all necessary stages.  Most of the expander rolls are driven by web tension itself without any extra drive. These are used in textile processing machines, plastic converting machines, paper industries, in manufacturing, processing, printing, laminating, coating, batching, winding and re-winding. Further, our range is quality tested in order to make sure that these meet the international industrial standards.

Properties and advantages:

  • Customized bow positioning in adjustable angles with base/wall mounted gearbox and pedestal.
  • Quality efficient as well as affordable and works for all lengths and diameters.
  • Prevents wrinkles, flaccid edges & baggy centers.
  • Keeps the overall width of the film intact.

Unique advantages of Teflon coated expanders :

  • Works in high-speed machines, so time-efficient with better product quality.
  • Corrosion-resistant on rolls
  • Helps avoid possible sheet breaks
  • The flexible and multi-purpose on rolls
  • Efficient and cost-saving
  • Resistant to UV (Ultra-Violet) rays, adhesives & chemicals
  • Non-sticky & resistant to adhesives, so rolls are clean and tidy.
  • Can resist a temperature till 200°C
  • Easy & affordable maintenance
  • Safeguards & protects delicate materials.

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